Art 110


Week 15-Artist Interview-Rebecca Kritz- Katie Figueroa-Russell

This week the west and east galleries had amazing artists! Once again, I could not resist but too interview two artists that I absolutely love, Rebecca Kritz’s and Katie Figueroa Russell. Don’t get me wrong, I was fully entertained by them all, there was so many different artists to choose from, and they were all different in their own way. However, these two artist were my favorite.IMG_1662IMG_1660

I loved Rebecca’s art work because it was completely different from them all. Aside from this, Rebecca’s art work had to do with animals that i absolutely love! She enjoys drawing and sculpting animals of all types, such as bugs, dinosaurs, cats etc. She then began combining them together and as she says “Naturally, my favorite subjects were animals and as soon as they were being combined together into all sorts of fantastic beast.” I took pictures of two of her well done sculptures as seen on the right and on the top. Sadly, I was not able to interview her face-to-face, and I would of had loved to know more about how they were done.

IMG_1655 IMG_1656

Katie Figueroa-Russell’s art pieces also caught my attention because they were the cutest and reminded me of my childhood days.  Katie loves drawing cartoons because it brings happiness to people and laughter. In Katie’s little description she explained how it makes her happy when she makes other people laugh through her drawings. Although I was not able to interview her, I can tell how much of a talented person she is, with a great personality. Katie’s art work was done in black and white, yet so much shading and detail that made me love it.

Week 15- Classmate Interview-Mathew Cruz


This week I interviewed Mathew Cruz. He is majoring in Civil Engineering and is looking forward into owning his own company in the future. He first went to a community college for two years then transferred out to Cal State Long Beach. Mathew explained how he is graduating in a couple of weeks and is extremely excited! He has been in school for seven years and he’s just ready to start his future.

Mathew enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, and working out in the gym. However, his last year in school was hectic so he rarely had time to spare. He explained how his thesis took up a lot of his time so he didn’t have much time for himself. However, he was relieved because he recently finished his thesis and has just presented it, and it all turned out well.

Aside from school, Mathew also has a job in “China’s Hot Pot.” He explained how the China’s Hot Pot is slightly different from many restaurants because people have to cook in there for their own. The workers just place the raw food in their table and the costumers begin cooking. He made the food sound so delicious that I might just stop and try it someday. 🙂  Overall, it was an honor to meet Mathew. I just want to wish him the best out there, and congrats!

Week 14-Artist Interview- Maritza Munguia/Tye Zhung


There was a variety of completely different art pieces In the Gatov West gallery this week. Each painting was done by a different artist. Although the work of each artist was different in many ways such as its style, they all went through a period of transition and learning. This is why the gallery all together was called Liminal. The meaning of liminal is, “of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process” (Domenic Cretara). It was a bit difficult for me to choose one out of all the paintings to interview. However, I ended up choosing two of my favorite ones which were done by Maritza Munguia and Tye Zhung. Unfortunately both of these artists were not in the gallery show but just by looking at the art pieces and the description were good enough.

IMG_1464When I walked into the gallery the first art piece that caught my attention was done by Maritza Munguia. Her piece is the picture on the right, and it’s called “Voluminous.” It was worked with mixed media, gouache, acrylic, and duralar on wood. Although ALL the art pieces had so much talent, I admired Munguia’s art piece the most because it was completely different from the rest. Aside from it being 3-D, she used beautiful colors that caught my attention in less than a second. Munguia explained in her description how she was majorly focused on the shadows of this piece. She believes the shadow gives life to an intricate pattern, and I have to say I agree.


Aside from the “Voluminous,” I also loved Tye Zhung’s piece called “Patient.” Everything about it I loved. After Munguia’s piece, it had me thinking of how different an art piece can look with shadows. Although Zhung’s piece was not 3-D I was still able to see the shadows. Just by looking at the painting, one is able to see that this man sitting on the chair is near a window. Zhung created more light on the right side and on the left it is a bit darker. Overall, every art piece in the west gallery was amazing! However, Munguia’s and Zhungs caught my attention the most.


Week 14- Classmate Interview-Janelle Reyes


This week I interviewed Janelle Reyes. She is a freshmen at csulb and was first interested in nursing, however she recently switched to Accounting. She switched to Accounting because she no longer seen her self as nurse and it was too difficult. She believed that if she would of continues on majoring in nursing, she would of not experience college the way she planned too. Janelle is from the north California bay  area. She chose csulb because of the nursing program. Although she is no longer majoring in nursing, she does not regret coming down to Long Beach because she absolutely loves it here.

Janelle is a grad from Freemont high school. She was in the marching band for her four years in high school. I found it fascinating how she played the trombone. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, yet i never seen to have the chance too. Aside from the marching band, she was also in the History club. She loves history, but prefers majoring in Accounting. I asked Janelle if she like the dorming life, and she loves it! She made lots of friends and a boyfriend. She also love it because people down here are much more outgoing then up in north California.

Janelle loves traveling, she hopes to travel to many places when she grows up. Janelle brought up that she has been to Europe with her History Club. They fun-raised 2,000 dollars in a year to make this trip possible. She was able to visit France, Italy, and Germany. I thought that was amazing! I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Europe and visit the famous landscapes. Aside from Europe, she has also traveled to Hawaii with her family. She found Hawaii to be so beautiful and full of life. Overall, It was an honor to interview Janelle.

Week 13- Artist Interview- Guadalupe Argueta


On thursday I met Guadalupe, she honestly has the best personality anyone can ask for. She is very friendly and the best part is, we clicked right away! She is a freshmen at CSULB like my self. She is currently undeclared but she explained how her goal is to figure out her major before the semester ends. Guadalupe lives in LA but she dorms here at CSULB because she wanted to try the dorm life. I myself would love to dorm here yet money is tight! 😦

Guadalupe loves hanging out with friends and going out. She explains how shes rarely in the dorms because she prefers being out with her friends. She loves going to the beach and looking at the sunset because it relaxes her and releases her stress. I completely agree, the beach is the place to be, the view, the sand, everything is beautiful. Guadalupe is in a club called “Hermanas Unidas,” and spends most of her time with them in events and activities they do. I thought that was pretty cool, she fairly convinced me to join next year, it sounds like so much fun!

Although Guadalupe has not traveled out of the state, she wishes to travel to Europe and Mexico later on in the future when her life is settled. Overall, it was great having many things in common with Guadalupe. I know that with Guadalupe’s great personality, she will go far in life! 🙂

Week 13- Artist Interview-Marty Knob


On thursday I decided to interview Marty Knob in the werby-gallery. His art pieces caught my attention the most because his unique combination of geometric shapes and patterns!  Aside from it being different, the sizes of the art pieces were perfect! The name of this exhibit is Icosikaihenagon I found the name to be bizarre but goes with the art pieces. Knob explained how he enjoys math and how he uses math to create his art. Knob was interested in using math to make his patterns when he seen a fashion show that displayed different geometrical shapes. I thought that was pretty awesome because art and math are completely diverse subjects that I thought would never be used together. Yet he sure made it happen.

IMG_1203Knob uses a computer program to create his art pieces. He loves using bright and dark colors to make things pop out and more interesting. The art pieces that usually catch my attention are those with bright colors yet his black and white pieces were amazing! He explained how he used matrix inverse for his black and white pieces to engender symmetrical patterns. On the right are a his black and white symmetrical patterns that I sure enjoyed viewing.

Knob explained how before he used “Mathemattica” he would use Excel and Illustrator. Yet he preferred using Mathematica do to the fact that it would transform his patterns and pieces 10x better. However it was not easy, Knob had to learn how to use a software by himself. Therefore he began reading books after books and accomplished his goal.  Overall, Knob’s art pieces were truly amazing! It was an honor to meet Marty Knob and view his talented art pieces!!

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Week12- Extra Credit-Feedback

My three favorite activities

  • Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)

I really enjoyed doing the Painting & Drawing activity because it was something new for me . I dont think I would of had ever tried spray painting my name, if it weren’t for this class. I would of had loved to take a trip to the beach and spray paint my name there for extra credit, but I did not have time to do so.

  • Fiber Arts (Yarn Bombing)

Working with Fiber Arts was fun! I didn’t know about “Yarn Bombing” until art110 so I learned something new. 🙂 I discovered how beautiful Yarn Bombing looks once the work is done.

  • 7. Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)

I found this activity to be completely weird but in a good way! This is another activity I thought I would had never done, if it weren’t for art 110. Having my friend take pictures of me “dead” was actually fun! I had a great laugh with this one.

My three least favorite activities

  • New Media (The Mina Show)

I believe this activity wasn’t for me, I had difficulties thinking of something to do. Aside from this, I am a very shy person and my shyness made it more difficult for me.

  • Algorithmic Art

The Algorithmic Art was probably the most confusing activity out off all. I’m still not sure if I did it correctly, but lets just hope I did. 🙂

  • Remix Culture

With the remix culture activity I did not have as much fun as I did with others. It didn’t interest me, and it was a bit difficult to think of something to “Remix” on.

Feedback on the elements of the class.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108

I love Tuesdays in Ut-108 because professor Glenn Zucman makes class interesting all the time. There is always something new going on in this class and I love that!

B. Activities overall

Having an activity every week was such a stress reliever. Most of these activities were fun and I actually looked forward to doing them.

C. Artist Conversations

I LOVE going to the art galleries every Thursdays and look at all the talented and unique pieces. This was one of my favorite things to do in this class. Getting to know these artists was so much fun!

D. Classmate Conversations

I love meeting new people! Therefore having to meet new people as a class activity was a plus! Thank to this class I was able to meet a couple of my classmates. However, there were some days that it was a bit difficult finding someone to interview because I would get as a response “sorry I already got interviewed.” But overall great experience.

E. Using Your Website

Turning in out assignments through wordpress is such a great idea! I loved how we were able to design our own website and fix it up! Now I am able to look back at our activities whenever I like. 🙂



Week 12- Activity-Algorithmic Art

For this weeks activity, we have to focus on Algorithmic, Procedural, Generative Art. This type of art is done by following rules. Many people see art as painting, sculptures, and drawings, but in reality there are many other things that are also art. For example, a sport such as soccer. In order to play the correct way, one has to be able to follow a variety of set of rules. During a soccer game, there are plenty of set of rules such as, passing the ball. I will be explaining four steps on how to pass a soccer ball.

soccer ball

1). The first step is ensuring that your foot is not loose. Being able to lock the ankle helps the foot be stable enough instead of wobbly. If the ankle does not lock, chances are the ball will not go where one desires. Therefore by doing this, the ball will go directly to where one wants it to go.

inside of the shoe

2.) Next one must pass the ball with the inside of the shoe. This can help make a better pass do to the fact that the inside of the shoe had a wider area then the front of a foot. If one kicks with the top of your foot (toes) the ball will most likely not be fully controlled by the individual.
 3.) Step three focuses on the foot that is NOT used for kicking. The foot that is not used for kicking is called your planter foot, and it should be turned in a comfortable position so that the inside of the shoe is facing the ball. For instance, if you want to kick the ball to the left, the foot that is not used for kicking should be facing left.
4.) Lastly, there is specific rules depending on how high or how low one wants to kick the ball. If you want to kick on the ground, one is not supposed to lift the foot off the ground or else the ball will kick in the air. However if you want the ball to kick in the air you need to extend your foot fully so your foot will end up in the air as well as the soccer ball.
kick on groundkick off ground

During a soccer game, learning  how to pass the ball is one of the most important rules of the game. There is a correct way of passing the ball, and if it is not done correctly, there is a high chance that the ball will not go the way you want it to go. Overall, I hope these set of rules help you discover the Algorithmic, Procedural, Generative Art in soccer because in soccer there is art!

Week 12- Artists Interview-Katherine Cox



ThIMG_1023is weeks art galleries were all truly talented and I was fascinated by them all! However, Katherine Cox art pieces caught my attention the most because of the unique designs and ceramic shapes. A lot of her peices were done in a light beautiful blue color and I believed it made them look smooth and it reminded me of the cold! I also loved how all her peices had a complete different design and shape and were done in such a perfect manner. Unfortunately Katherine was not able to attend the art gallery show, but Carlos Kessler was there to explain her art pieces.

My person favorite pieces were the ones that were shaped as dresses (Carved Porcelain Dress). Although they were all dresses, they each had a different shape with a different style carved into them. I looked deep into the design and I was able to see water lilies, a netted dress, and a different vibe from all of them. I was astonished of the size of these ceramic dresses they were fairly big. Aside from the dresses, there were other shapes such as gourds, pots of different sizes and tear shaped ceramics.


Katherine gets her ceramic shapes done with a wheel thrown vessel. I can reminisce a time a women put on a show of herself making ceramic pots. She had the full attention of many, and we were all fascinated by her talent. It looked difficult to get the shape done perfect. I look back at Katherine’s work and I see how it is all done well shaped, and it makes me admire her great work!

Aside from the shape perfect shapes, I was curious of how she accomplished to get such well designs carved into the shape. Carlos gave a couple of students and I an explanation of how Katherine got her designs done into the ceramic. He first explained how Katherine does not do the designs until the piece is dry. Once the piece is dry, she uses wooden tools to carve the shape out. Cleans it up and adds shine into it. I was fascinated by it all! Carving something out doesn’t look so easy yet she does an amazing job! Although I was not able to interview Katherine, Carlos was great at explaining her art work.


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Week 12-Classmate Interview


This is Maria Diaz, she is a freshmen at CSULB and is majoring in Journalism. I haven’t heard of anyone majoring in Journalism so I thought that was unique. She is not sure of what exactly she wants to do with her major, but she knows she loves all the possible careers for this field. With Maria’s great attitude, I know she will make it far! I really enjoyed interviewing her because we immediately clicked because we had so much in common.

To start off, Maria enjoys shopping she explains how she is addicted to it, and I have to say so am I!! I loved Maria’s style it fits just well with her. We believe that shopping releases stress! Aside from this, is we both love the gym. She explains how she used to go to the gym daily, but the fact that she works and attends school it is difficult for her to go on a daily basis. I agree with her, school has me busy as well! However, we are both planning on working our during the summer daily since we have a long summer vacation! I felt like Maria and I had so much in common because aside from shopping and the gym, we enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and going out with friends, and dance!

Maria loves traveling and although she has not traveled much, she is planning on traveling to many places around the world. In fact she has many activities in her bucket list! Maria is also an animal lover, her favorite animals are cats, she currently has two cats but is planning on having many more when she’s older. Overall, I had fun interviewing Maria, she has such a great personality and is very friendly! I wish Maria the best in her future goals, I know she will do just great! 🙂




Week 11-Class Activity- Sculpture

FullSizeRender(22)This week activity our class was assigned to do a plaster cast of our foot or hand in the beach. I love the beach because it is a stress reliever. However, this week I had a lot going on and I was not sure if I was going to be able to make a trip to the beach. Yet I somehow made time on Sunday, which was great! This weeks activity did not turn out the way I thought it was going too, but I tried.

I had just the right amount of plaster at home to do my whole hand, so that was an advantage! Although I would of loved to have gone to Seal Beach, I had to go to Dockweiler beach, because it was the closest beach from home. Sadly my sculpture did not turn out the way I  expected, but I had a fun experience. When I took out my cast it was well done, however for some reason I decided to put water on it (to take off the sand) and it destroyed! I tried fixing it and instead of it looking 3-D, it looks squished!!

Unfortunately I was not able to hold it because it was very weak. 😦 I really wished I would of had taken more plaster to the beach so I can retry it. Although I was disappointed, I had a great laugh through out my activity. Some day I might just try doing it again and this time NOT add water into it.

Week 11-Artist Interview- Gabriel Garcia

IMG_0918 IMG_0922IMG_0920

This week I decided to interview the talented artist Gabriel Garcia because his art pieces caught my attention the most. Besides of the large opuses he had filled the room with, I liked how Garcia’s art had a deep meaning into every single piece. Garcia’s art pieces were made of charcoal and Ink. He explained how he wanted a certain font and certain colors to make his message stand out more. I thought that was a great idea because with the font and color people are able to focus more on the message and really think of the meaning behind the art piece. Garcia entitled his show, Toxic Masculinity and I believe the whole purpose of these opuses was an eye opener and helps represent the obstacles and trials masculine’s go through and how men are supposed to be strong.

Through Garcia’s paintings, there were pro founded phrases that many individuals use on a daily bases and do not realize how much harm these phrases can do to an individual. For instance, the phrase Gracia used in his art pieces such as, “Don’t be gay,” or “You hit/run like a girl” and “dont be a pussy,”  can make an individual feel all types of emotions and feel labeled. These phrases can make masculine think they are not “strong enough” and can do things to prove their point. These things, can end up hurting others!  I loved how Garcia is sending out a strong message through his art because many people are using these phrases that can cause harm and his art can be an eye opener.

Garcia also had certain words written such as as “hit, rape, and kill.” He wrote these words because they associate with masculinity. It is true, usually when our society hear these words, many automatically assume men. Many are stereotyping based on gender, yet many do not realize they are doing so. This has become a problem and people need to realize that what they are saying can effect one physically and mentally. Overall, Garcia’s work was truly amazing, that makes one critically think about different situations in ones culture and society.

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Week 11- Classmate Interview- Amy Tran


This is Amy Tran. She is sophomore at CSULB and is currently majoring in Communications. She is still indecisive of what she wants to do with her major, but she knows well this  field is for her. She loves socializing with her friends and basically anyone. I thought that was great because many people are afraid of socializing especially in front of crowds and she is the total opposite! I believe she will get somewhere far with that skill!

To begin with, Amy was born in Korea and moved to the Unites States when she was only five. Ever since, she  has traveled to Mexico(Ensenada), Arizona, Nevada, and Sacramento!! In addition, she lives in Pueno Park and comes from Los Alamidos high school. She has two sisters, shes the smallest. Moreover, I found it interesting how we both love dancing and how we both were in a dance team in high school. She did dance for four years straight! We both love dance do to the fact that it releases stress. Aside from this, by dancing one is able to show one’s emotions without saying a word.

Amy enjoys watching Netflix, she is currently stuck on Orange is the New Black! Aside from watching Netflix, she loves going out to parties with her friends and having fun. Although Amy loves going to the beach, she hates the sand! I also hate the sand it makes everything more difficult! Another thing we found out we had in common was that we both love animals! She has two dogs a Chihuahua and a poodle, it was such a coincidence how I have a chihuahua and a poodle as well! Overall, it was great meeting Amy!


Week 10-Activity-Student Choice


This weeks activity, we had to choose our own activity, yet it somehow had to be related to art. I was excited for this one because I had a variety of fun activities in mind. After lowering my choices I was stuck whether if I should do a painting or a drawing. I then decided to do what I would really enjoy doing, and that is both. 🙂

The first picture on the right was the first drawing I did, and it was the most entertaining. I bought a stack of drawing paper which was a bit thicker then regular paper, and I bought special drawing pencils that I loved! For this drawing, I mostly focused on the different shades of gray I was able to do. When I finished my drawing I realized that the different shades of grey made my drawing stand out! I decided to draw a well detailed street so there can be more to look at. I was so into my work that I continued on adding more and more details into it until I was satisfied with my drawing.


The next one I did was the painting (picture on the left). I had paint at home and a variety of brushes that were different sizes  so I was able to use those. I wanted to paint something different from my drawing so I decided to do the opposite. Therefore, instead of the city I chose to paint nature,  mountains and a little lake. I wanted to make it beautiful so I tried to make it as colorful as possible. Although, I found the painting to be a bit more difficult because it was more messy and I was not able to erase like I did with the drawing, I had lots of fun! Overall, I am satisfied with both, my drawing and painting. 🙂

Week 10-Artist Interview-Isaiah Ullo

Last week I interviewed the talented artist, Isaiah Ullo because when I walked into the Werby Gallery, each and every sculpture caught my attention because they were all completely different from one another. Although the sculptures were different, I later found out that some represented the same concept. Ullo works with plaster, and I thought that was admiring because I once tried doing a sculpture out of plaster and it was not easy!


This sculpture on the left is my favorite one because I first thought it was a flat sculpture but when I got closer it was 3-D! The face was stretched in a way that I never seen before, and although it was stretched I was still able to see the face structure in great detail so that was amazing!  I was curious of how Ullo got the sculpture into that form, he explained how he used a 3-D printing machine, and how that sculpture is his actual head. He elaborated on how this sculpture represents himself because that is how he feels in comparison to the world.


What caught my attention the most was how Ullo explained himself through his own sculptures in a way that I would have never thought of! For instance, on the left picture, Ullo explained how the pink shoes represent others and how the black shoes represent himself. The black shoes were ordinary shoes however it seemed like the rest were covered in plaster so that was pretty interesting. It made me think of how he was representing himself. Overall, Ullo’s sculptures were different in there own way and had me entertained. 🙂


Week 10-Classmate Interview-Angelica Palad


Last Thursday I met the Angelica Palad. She is a freshmen and is currently majoring in Nutrition and Food Administration. She really enjoys fitness and health and she is looking forward to showing others how to stay healthy (Dietitian). While Angelica was explaining her major, she seemed to have a major passion for health and I loved that because it made things more remarkable!

Angelica comes from the central valley by Bakersfield so she dorms in csulb. She decided to attend Long Beach State because she wanted to get out of her area and explore something different. Angelica explained how much she enjoys the beach and dorming at csulb but prefers the mountains since she is more used to that. I honestly admire Angelica because not everyone is brave enough to leave their hometown.

Angelica and I ended up having a lot in common. She LOVES animals, just like myself! We both agreed on how delicious stuff crust pizza is! Aside from this, I was surprised when she said she had six sisters, and no brother’s! We both have only sister’s as siblings so that was something else we had in common. Angelica loves drawing and running just like myself. She has never been involved in any sports but she has been running on her own for as long as she can remember. Overall, it was great meeting Angelica she has such a great personality!


Week 9-Activity-Architectire & Urban Planning


Cognitive Map


CSULB campus redesign.


This weeks activity was based upon architecture and urban planning. Our class had to adopt a building and redesign it, we were also able to re-design the entire campus if desired. I chose to re-design CSULB and re arrange the buildings and parking! I changed the buildings to make campus a little more organized. For example, before the UTC was on the other side of campus of the dance building when they should be close together since they are basically in the same category. This way people are able to meet with one another. 🙂 Aside from this, I decided to build more parking structures/parking lots for everyone because I believe parking is a problem since it is usually on the opposite side of ones class!!

IMG_0481 IMG_0486 IMG_0491 IMG_5721

Since I decided to re-structure Csulb campus, I was not able to capture a picture of the entire campus but I did take several pictures of different parts of campus. I searched up its history. To begin with the Univeristy was established in 1949 by Governor Earl Warren! CSULB’s name changed a variety of times. In 1949 Csulb was named “Los Angeles-orange county state college.” Then it changed a year later to “Long Beach State College.” In 1972 it changed and stayed as California State University, Long Beach. The first class at CSULB was on September 28 1949 in a “converted apartment building” mean while the college found a permanent home, the permanent home’s price was nearly 100,000 dollars.

I was amazed on how the cost of enrollment in 1950 was only $12.50 and how Csulb opened with only 169 students. Who would of thought back then that CSULB’s cost of enrollment and the number of enrolled students would increase as much as it did today!! Moreover, in the mid 1900’s, the first sport on campus was men’s basketball. In the nearly beginning CSULB only offered twnety nine classes with emphasis on teacher education and the liberal arts! As time went by the enrollment of students began to grow and the campus did. Overall, CSULB has quite a history, this made me think of how much time has changed it is amazing!

 Week 9-Artist Interview-Lesley Nishigawara & Tiffany Le


Bridge Truss -Lesley Nishigawara


Hollway of a Subway in Japan. -Lesley

This week I met the talented artist Lesley Nishigawara. Although I was not able to interview Tiffany Le, I took pictures of her art pieces because I found them to be unique and interesting! I found Lesley’s art work unique because she focuses on “translating the images she finds from her environment into her own visual interpretation.” So she makes her own interpretation by using fiber. Her art pieces have a lot of unique patterns that caught my attention. As you can see, the top picture and the picture on the left are her art pieces and one is able to see the patterns and the positive and negative space.

In the top picture, Lesley “Manipulates line drawing of negative space of a Fabric shadow of fabric dyed from a photograph of a Bridge Truss.” So Lesley’s drawing is based on a Bridge Truss, however she made her own rules and used threads, strings, printed images and much more to construct her own interpretation! Now the picture on the top left is her interpretation of a Hallway of a Subway in Nagoya, Japan. Overall, Lesley’s art pieces were amazing, and I loved how she formed landscaped in a complete different way.


-Tiffany Le


Tiffany Le

While I was looking at Lesley’s art work, I looked over to Tiffany Lee’s art pieces and they were all very different.  There was one piece that really caught my attention. (The picture on the left) I thought it was very different from the rest of the art gallery shows that I have seen because I have not seen any Artist who draw animals. Tifanny specifically focuses on drawing animals and (organic shapes) so I fell in love with her art work since I love animals. 🙂 Overall, I had a great looking at all the great talented art pieces!

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Week 9- Classmate Interview-Oumar Kamara


This week I met Oumar Kamara, he seemed very chill and with a great personality. Oumar was born in New York and lived there for eight years then moved to San Diego. I thought that was pretty brave of him because moving into another state probably was not the easiest thing to do. However, he was actually excited to move into California and try something new. Oumar graduated from Carlsbad High school in San Diego and decided to attend CSULB. He is now a sophomore and is currently majoring in Business. Oumar mentioned that he loves dorming but it has its up and downs and he is planning on moving out into an apartment.

Oumar and I ended up having somethings in common because we both enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. He also likes playing and watching football. In fact, he played football in high school for two years, his sophomore and junior year. Aside from this, Oumar mentioned that he knows three languages, Wolof, French, and of course English. I thought that was awesome!

Oumar has traveled to many places such as Bill sham, Germany, France and much more. I love traveling so I found this interesting, I have always wanted to go to Germany and see the different cultures and all. 🙂 We began talking about places we want to go, he explained that he wants to go to London because he just loves the new vibes and because there is a lot to do there. Overall, it was nice meeting Oumar 🙂

Week 8-Activity-Remix Culture


This week’s activity was not my favorite but I was able to see the importance of copy right further. We had to remix anything; it can be a video, image, words and so on. I believe that copy righting things is something serious and can get one into a situation. Many people are very strict when it comes to others copyrighting there things. In the other hand there are those who do not mind or might want a little credit for what they did. People might not be aware of the consequences and risks of copyright. It is something one should have fear for because we do not have all the freedom in the internet and one should take that under consideration. I personally do not think it should be further weakened nor more petrified because it is working well as it is because it is not too strict nor too weak because we are aware of it.

I chose the license Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 2.0). I chose this license specifically because having others copy my work because they like it is actually a good thing especially if one gets credit for it. This can help my work, ideas etc. to become famous and it would get a good feeling. If someone remix’s my own work and I get credit for it, it wouldn’t be a disadvantage I would actually be okay with it.

It was difficult for me to decide on what to do and I was beginning to get frustrated because nothing came in mind. However I decided to remix some type of words. At first I was going to remix one of my favorite quotes but then I thought that was not enough in my eyes. So I decided to remix “VANCE JOY’S RIPTIDE” lyrics while I was listening to it on the radio. I decided to start from the bottom to the top and aside from that I added “love” in the ending of every sentence. It was actually pretty funny because it did not really make since! :p I gave a little example on the top three pictures. Far left, Vance Joy’s original song, Middle, Vance Joy’s song in my remix)

Week 8-Classmate Interview- Lizbeth Rangel (My self)


me 🙂

This Thursday did not go the way I expected, I was disappointed. I arrived to class and I began exploring all the art galleries, they were all amazing(like always) however I chose the gatov-east  gallery I then stayed Interviewing the artist for a while and began taking pictures and all. I was so entertained that I had almost forgot to Interview a classmate. I rapped things up and began searching for a classmate to interview. I asked many people if i can interview them and I would get back “no sorry, I already got interviewed” so I felt pretty bummed out and out of luck. I was tired of hearing the same answer again and again. So I decided to interview my self this week.

To start off, My name is Lizbeth Rangel I am eighteen-years-old and I was born in Long beach. I lived in Long Beach for almost four years, then my family and I moved to South Gate where I was basically raised. I have two sisters an elder and a younger so I am the middle child. I am proudly the first generation from my family to attend college. I am currently a freshmen at CSULB (second semester). I am undeclared but my goal is to figure out my major by the end of this month. Although I am not sure of what to do yet, I am interested in getting into Biology, business, and/or design. At the end of the day, I hope that what ever I decided that it all turns out well.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. I love going to the beach, hiking or just go out and party. I dislike being alone so I always try to make plans during the weekends. Aside from this, I also love watching netflix, dancing, going to the gym, and playing soccer with my friends. These activities release my stress and help me forget about my problems for a while.

I am an animal lover! I have two dogs right now one names princess and the other is names Ginger and I love them to death! I had always planned to own many dogs in the future when I am able to get my own place. 🙂 This was one reason why I was thinking of majoring in biology because I was thinking of becoming a veterinarian to help animals. 🙂 So there is a little something about me. 🙂


Week 8- Artist Interview- Nolan Reiter


This week I decided to Interview Nolan Reiter because his art pieces all had a deep meaning into it and that really caught my attention. His art pieces are all silk screen so I thought that was pretty cool! Honestly everything of these peices caught my attention the bright colors, the details it was all perfect!

Nolan Reiter seemed like such a bright person I loved the way he explained his art pieces because he kepts the information interesting! Nolan’s major is BFA Printmaking, his paintings are based on the “cracks” of the different types of communities. He loves giving the art pieces a vibrant color to the unknown and known communities. With his silkscreen art posters he is able to present the different types of cultures and to represent the “wealth of information to the viewer.” I thought that was interesting because his art peices all have a deep meaning into them and at the same vibrant colors that pop out!


The Tower of David

This picture  on the left was my favorite one because it was somewhat different from the rest of his art pieces. This picture is called the Tower of David/the half-finished skyscraper and it is a silk screen poster with a deep background. So this Tower is a 45 story building with 28 floors that were used by “squatters.” Squatters are people who occupy a place that he/she does not own and does not have permission to be in. In Nolan’s description he explains that “it was served as a symbol for failed capitalism, dysfunction, and self-built community.” It was also said that people can live in this tower without every having to come out because it had everything one needed. However the Tower of David had a “darker side” and had gotten “notoriety as the city’s center of crime!” This is something i did not know about and learned, I loved the way he represented the Tower!


13 Sherpas

In the picture on the left, there are thirteen Sherpas who according to Nolan ” they were killed in an avalanche while escorting clients up the southern side of Mt. Everest.” He then explored the Sherpas culture and discovered that it costs $100,000 for a foreigner to climb Mt. Everest. A Sherpa only sees max 3,ooo dollars over a climbing season. I loved how he actually made 13 Sherpas. Overall, Nolan’s art pieces were all significantly done and interesting!

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week 7- Activity- Portrait Photography


I found this weeks activity to be a little creepy but fun at the same time. I never thought I would take a photo of myself “dead” haha. Trying to figure out where i wanted my “death” to be was difficult.  However, after hours of thinking, I decided to this act


ivity at home because it is my favorite place. Why? Well because home is where I have a lot of my memories and it is where I grew up. It is also where I feel the most comfortable in, and where i receive the most privacy.

My Photographer was my little sister, she was confused of why I wanted a picture of myself “dead” but once I told her the whole activity thing, she found it pretty weird but funny. Even though, it took us five tries to capture the right picture we both had a great laugh and enjoyed it even if it was a little creepy Haha.

The first picture was our first try, and it was a total fail my dogs kept coming out in my picture! (I ended up liking the picture though)  But after our fifth try we finally got a good picture. Haha. (picture on the left) Overall this activity was something different but fun to do. 🙂


Week 7- Artist Interview-Andre Ritter


Choosing an Artist to interview was difficult this week, because they were all  unique and interesting! However, I found Andre’s the most admirable because I loved the jewelry. Andre is an artist and a metal smith because he works with useful items such as jewelry and uses a hammer to create awesome art pieces. Andre’s has been making different types of jewelry since as long as he can remember. Over the years creating jewelry gave him the idea of working with metal.

Andre explained how much he loves the “alluring aesthetic of TIKI” and the modern lifestyle/motifs of the mid-century. What made him love these genres was the fact that he lived in Hawaii for eight years and his “affinity for south pacific culture and iconography.” With these two genres he decided to connect his metal creations with what he loves. I thought that was really nice, because I know working with metal is not the easiest thing to do!


Andre is a senior at CSULB however he is looking forward to putting his art work out there. I know Andre will achieve that goal because his pieces of work is truly unique! I loved how he went 3D and created some amazing pieces like the one on the top right. That one is my favorite piece because it dangles. 🙂 Overall, it was great interviewing Andre I learned a lot about his arts background. 🙂

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Week 7-Classmate Interview-Matt Do


On Thursday I met Matt Do. He is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach, and is majoring in Nutrition. Matt does not dorm in CSULB, he commutes from Huntington Beach. Matt loves the beach just like I do,  it is just so  peaceful and a beautiful view. So that was something we had in common another thing was that we both love animals! Although he does not own any pets, he is wishing to own some when he gets his own place. Matt has  had a pet fish but that was about it. However, he loves pets so much that he sometimes goes to his friends house to play with his dogs. I thought that was pretty cool, that is definitely something I would do.

On Matt’s spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and surfing. I thought it was pretty awesome how he can surf. I remember trying it ones and ended up with many bruises so i respect him for that!  Matt has been surfing since he was a junior in high school! Aside from this, Matt has been working as a life guard in Huntington Beach for three years. Matt has saved over 400 lives!!! I admire him for that, being a life guard is not an easy job but Matt really enjoys it. 🙂

Matt has also traveled to Tahiti and he explained how much he loved that place! He completely fell in love with it and would really want to live there. However, since its all french pollination he said it is a very expensive place. Despite that fact that it is expensive, Matt would love to go back one day. Overall, it was fun meeting Matt he seemed like a very great guy with a great personality. 🙂

Week 6- Activity-Yarn bombing


To start off, my trip to the second floor of FA2 was fun! I had a two our gap so I decided to go check out the FA2 with my friend really quick. I ended up staying in there for about thirty minutes just looking at everything! The picture on the left is one of my favorite fibers from there. The shapes, patters, and colors all look cute! I literally took pictures of everything because it all interested me! There were many more that caught my attention, however these were the main ones.

I really wanted to use yarn, and try knitting but I was not able to do to the fact that I had no yarn. 😦  However, I ended up using fiber, I cut up some old T-shirts into pieces and I knot them together. The T-shirt thing was a fun experience. I first wanted to bomb something in front of my house, but it began raining and the weather was just not favorable. It was kind of a hard decision on what to “bomb” but then I decided to bomb a tree and by stair rail’s  that I have indoors. I felt like my graffiti writing skills activity was a bit more difficult then my yarn bombing experience. I just think that working with spray painting can be more difficult to do.


In my perspective, Yarn bombing was a much more feminine activity than the graffiti writing. Yarn bombing deals more with decorating and I believe it is more fun, and it looks nicer than graffiti. The graffiti activity was more masculine, and I had trouble making my name in bubbles. Although I think one is more feminine and the other is more masculine, they should both be valued equally. Overall, I loved this experience and maybe someday I will buy yarn and try knitting. 🙂 The two pictures on the left is what my bombing ended up like. 🙂  My little nephew loved it and wanted to come out in the picture. 🙂




Week 6-Classmate Interview- Keyshon Taylor

IMG_6138This is Keyshon Taylor, he is currently a freshmen at CSULB and came from Crenshaw High school. Keyshon is majoring in business and since he looks for and sports, his plan is to open an athletic clothing store, or a restaurant. I myself love food! Although I do not play any sports I love watching them! Keyshon played volleyball for one year in high school. It was crazy when i found out that he played against my high school during play offs.

Art 110 is Keyshon’s first art class. He loves art but he says he is not so good at it. I met him when we were exploring the artists. I fell in love with Emily’s Babbette’s and Romina’s Del Castillo because it was majorly focused on music. Keyshon in the other hand, prefers sculptures so he liked a different artist because it was all about sculptures. Keyshon enjoys playing the guitar, and since he seen in his favorite artist of the week built a guitar, he was very interested in it.

Although Keyshon does not live far from CSULB he prefers to dorm because he does not want to deal with LA traffic. I think he made a great choice, I plan on living in the dorms at least for a year so I can experience it. Keyshon has a perot back at home names Sam. I thought that was pretty cool, I had always wanted a pet perot. Overall, it was great meeting Keyshon! 🙂

Week 6- Artist interview- Emily Babbette & Romina’s Del Castillo



I chose to interview Emily and Romina because I have never seen such great drawings before! It brought a different type of vibe and it was very unique. Although Romina was not able to attend the art gallery show, Emily gave a good explanation of both. Emily and Romina wanted to draw something different, they wanted something more on “the dark side.” I thought that idea itself was very bazaar and interesting! Emily’s drawings were all black and white. However, Romina added a little more color into the backgrounds. They decided to name their drawings together La Vie En Noir. They only paint pictures of Feminine’s, she said its because she wants that “girl power!” 🙂


When Emily was in England, she took trips to several art museums and ended up falling in love with art. This is when she decided to transfer into Cal State Long Beach, switch her major and begun drawing about two years ago. Emily’s is currently a senior and she is looking forward into expanding her art skills. She explained that each picture took her about fourty hours+ to finish the drawing. Emily draws her friends, and asks them to dress in a way to represent their musical culture. Musical culture is what her paintings are really based on, and I thought that was pretty awesome. Emily’s favorite paintings were the three on the left. She loves those equally, and I agree those drawings are very nice with great detail!

Romina’s painting had more color into it. However, I realized that the colors were usually in the background. She used charcoal like Emily for her black and white, and pastel for the colors. Romina’s drawing are also based on musical culture, which I thought is very unique! It would of been an honor to be able to meet Romina in person. Overall, these paintings were interesting and I loved the “girl power!”

Week 5-Kickstarter Activity



This weeks activity was to explore Kick starter. The point of this activity was to find pitch videos that caught my attention, and  also find videos that didn’t. Kick starter is a website that people are able advertise a project and fund money for it. The cool part about this website is that people all around the world have access to this, and anyone can give money. Kick starter has different types of categories such as, food, dance, design, technology, fashion and much more! So if one category does not fit you then maybe the next one will 🙂 I looked through the fashion and technology categories because those caught my attention.  I was able to find very interesting videos that i would definitely give money too! Then i found those other videos that i did not connect to at all, and I wouldn’t give money too.

The category I looked at was technology. The first video/link was amazing! It is a project called Pyrnt, Pyrnt was created by those of engineering, deign, photography, and marketing back ground. Pyrnt is the first Iphone/Android case to print out pictures  in just thirty seconds! What I found interesting was that the Pyrnt requires no ink because they use a special paper that has the ink inside the paper already. Asides from this project being lightweight, it  comes in pink, blue, and white making it look pretty cool. 🙂  The Pyrnt video really caught my attention and i would gladly give money to them!  However, the second video/link is called “Raver Rings, Light Me Up!.” I found this video boring, i was not so interested in it. This project is of a ring that flashes, it is for spirit or when there is a party you can take it and you’re able to be seen, or it can be used for signaling. I personally wouldn’t give money and I would not wear the ring.

The second category i looks at was Fashion. The first Link was the video that caught my attention!This project was called “Wheres Wallet,”  It is a wallet that has a sensor so when one looses the wallet it is found quickly. This wallet also comes in different styles so i thought that was pretty cool. I tend to loose my wallet a lot so i would definitely give them money! The second video was was about a project called “Tic Tac Toe Tee.” It is basically a shirt that one is able to play Tic Tac Toe in. Each T-shirt came with eight movable playing pieces.  Aside from the fact that i thought this project was weird, It seemed like this shirt was designed only for men. So that lost my interest in this project completely.



Week 5-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco


While I was looking through all the art galleries on Thursday, I found Dianna’s art work the most fascinating of all! Although all the art galleries were interesting and talented, Dianna Franco’s art was truly amazing in my perspective. The size of her art work caught my attention, and the mixture of the neutral and saturated colors! I was inside of the art gallery exploring her artwork, and I realized that Dianna art work did not have a name. However, Dianna explained that what she wants is for others to predict what is behind the paintings first! Dianna then explained that her paintings are all based on the relationship between nature and civilization in psychology and science. Dianna had studied psychology/science in the past and she has had always been interested in it, so she decided to do her art work based upon it.

Dianna explained how she was inspired by the cities and the satellites of civilization. She was also inspired by the view of nature including space and sights of molecules and cells. I then found out that the whole point of the neutral and saturated colors are to represent how the inner parts of nature and civilization affect the outside, and how the outer parts affect the inside. She specifically used these colors to represent the inner and outer because her goal was to make people happy when they look at her art pieces. I was fascinated by it all especially because I have never seen such great pieces of art work that represent nature and civilization in this way.

Dianna began to paint when she was twenty years old and when she first came to CSULB. It took Dianna about seven months to do all her art pieces! However, she continuously goes back and adds more into her paintings every once in a while. Dianna has used oil, spray paint, and acrylic for her paintings. She uses thick and thin paint to explain the weight that is in nature and civilization. Dianna would use spray paint to represent the thinness of nature and agriculture. However, she pointed out that even though spray painting looks great in an art piece, she is debating if to continue using it because it does not last long enough. Overall, I found Dianna’s paintings truly amazing and very unique! 🙂

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Week 5-Classmate Interview- Eduardo Catelan FullSizeRender(7)


I interviewed Eduardo Catelan on Thursday. He is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach, and is majoring in Mathematics. Eduardo has a passion for math ever since he was young because he loves the exertion he has to put into it. I thought that was interesting because I rarely hear people saying they love and enjoy math. Eduardo’s goal is to become a high school teacher (only seniors) or a University professor He is planning teaching Pre – Calculus or Calculus because he knows that he will enjoy teaching it as much as he enjoys learning about it. Eduardo does not want to deal with little kids since it can make his career difficult. I agree with Eduardo because having to teach young kids seems like a hassle and can be more complex. If I was in his position I would also prefer to teach older kids.
Although Eduardo he is very busy with school work, he still manages to make some time and read because that is one of his favorite things to do. Eduardo enjoys reading because he loves living the life of books and getting lost into them. I also enjoy reading because of the same reason as Eduardo’s. When I start reading, I begin to live the story of the book and forget about one’s own personal problems. Eduardo enjoys learning in general during his spare time. Aside from that, he also likes hanging out outside and appreciating the beautiful nature.
Eduardo was born in Guerrero Mexico, and came to the United States when he was five years old. I thought that was pretty cool because my mom is from the same part of Mexico. 🙂  Overall, with Eduardo’s positive attitude I know he will make it far in life. He has everything planned and is now working hard to reach his goal and teach students. It was nice meeting Eduardo. 🙂

Week 4- Artist Interview-Makaila Palmer-&-Rachel Gehrke


Mikaila Palmer and Rachel Gehrke named their art after Odyssey. Odyssey means long adventures, journey’s that are occupied with remarkable experiences. One does not necessarily have to be in those journeys physically but can also be done mentally. Once I understood what Odyssey means, I took a deep look at all the art pieces and I can see why they name their art pieces after odyssey, it just fits perfectly! Makaila Palmer talked about her paintings and Rachel Gehrke paintings since Rachel was not able to attend the art gallery show. Although she was not present, I was able to see her amazing pieces and understand her type of Oddessy(mentally).


What caught my attention was that Mikaila paintings are very feminist with beautiful vibrant colors! Mikaila went on a journey to Europe, Spain, Florence, and Italy she sketched the views with pencil and tried to compress different spaces. They all have overlapping diagonals and all her paintings have stars in them. I also noticed that all of Mikails art pieces were based on agricultural. She explained that each of her painting has to visuals in one. Meaning the top of her art work are the landscapes and the bottom of her was her feeling or a memory. I thought that was amazing and very unique because she goes broad and how exploring is her main theme. The right picture shows her two favorite paintings and them each have a little map painted that represents where that landscape or memory was from! The Pink painting on the right has a cemetery and that was her memory of that agriculture. The left painting was a view and a memory of Italy.


Mikaila also explained a bit of Rachel’s work. Rachel uses beautiful vibrant colors as well. However, Rachel’s art pieces are based on the universe. The right picture is one of Rachel’s art pieces and this one here is my favorite one! It just looks AMAZING! I really wished I could have met Rachel but her artworks explains much about her! 🙂  Overall, I absolutely love their pieces, and I love how they went broad but each has their own theme!

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week 4-Classmate Interview-Veronica Maza


On Thursday I began looking for an artist to interview before interviewing a classmate. However, I ended up spending most of my time on the artists that it seemed like I was too late to interview a classmate. Luckily I ended up meeting Veronica in the West gallery while we were looking at the great art pieces. To start off, Veronica has such a great personality with a positive attitude! After I interviewed her, I realized how some of her interests were also my interests, so it was nice having some things in common.

Veronica is a sophomore at Cal State University of Long Beach. She is currently a psychology major and she is looking forward to working as a therapist (expressive therapist). Aside from that Veronica loves hanging out with friends and socializing on her free time, just like me! I love hanging out with my friends because I can socialize forever! Aside from hanging out with her friends, Veronica also enjoys hanging out with her sister. When Veronica hangs out with her sister they tend to go on little adventures and hunt for food and watch TV. Veronica has gone on a long road just to satisfy her food cravings. I could relate to that because when i crave some type of food, I can careless of how far it will take me to arrive as long as I get my food! 🙂

Veronica enjoys art she began drawing in middle school and continued in high school. This is a reason why she wants to be an expressive therapist because it has something to do with art and dance. I thought that was pretty fascinating because also love art and I love drawing. So Veronica and I ended up having some similarities on our interest and I thought that was nice! I’m glad I met Veronica Meza, especially because I met the student with the highest grade in art 110! 🙂

Week 4 -class activity.

heartheartheart heart

This weeks assignment was a little more out of the ordinary and I had difficulties trying to figure out what to do. However, and the end of the day I ended up really enjoying this weeks activity.. Since it was almost valentines day I decided to ask someone special to be my valentine. The reason  why I chose this activity was because I had never asked someone to be my valentine and I thought it would be fun. I was excited but at the same time really nervous because that was going out of my comfort zone especially because I am not a big fan of making big scenes.

IMG_5907       My plan was to make it a big deal so i decided to ask him with a big poster (the picture on the right), and I also bought him flowers and some chocolates. I wanted to ask him in public and so i chose to to ask him in the beach because I thought asking someone to be their Valentine in public would be pretty awesome! So on friday night we went to the beach and we hanged out for a bit. It was extremely nerve racking because he had no clue, and I did not know when was the right time to ask!


Although I was nervous especially because their was still a view people hanging out at the beach, I ended asking him anyway and it all turned out to be the way i planned it 🙂 The last picture was a few minutes after I asked him to be my valentine. I was so proud of my self that I had almost forgotten to take pictures! Overall, I really enjoyed this weeks activity because I had never done something like this especially for an art class! This activity was a great idea because it feels nice getting out of your comfort zone ones in a while and it definitely wont hurt anyone! 🙂




Week 3-Artist Interview- Yireh Elaine Quak & Maryann Gonzalez



Last Thursday I was able to check out the art galleries and they were all truly amazing! However, I fell in love with Yireh Elaine Quak, and Maryann Gonzalez art because nature art pieces seem to instantly have my attention. Even though I didn’t see Maryann Gonzalez at the art gallery, I was able to see her talent on her pieces of art work and it was great! Yireh was able to explain the background of not just her art work, but Maryann’s as well, and she did a great job in explaining in great detail. On top of that, Yireh has a great personality and I enjoyed her art show because she explained everything with great detail and I liked how she spoke with deep pleasure and confidence as a result of her work.

Yireh likes painting with oil even though it more difficult, she is not much of a Cyrillic fan because it is more pricy and gives the same results as oil. Yireh explained how the oil finish has a more vibrant and plastic shine and she loves it! Art began to interest her about six years ago in her early twenties. She has done many great art pieces since then, but Yireh’s favorite art piece is a triptych painting (The FIRST picture) because she said that’s the art work that took her the longest to finish and because it is the heaviest. To be more clear, a  triptych painting is a work of art that is divided into three panels and a diptych painting is a painting that has two panels. Her triptych, is heavy and she explained how painting manual art requires you to be strong because you have to pick up material with much strength.

What I truly found inspiring was how Yireh and Maryann put their work of art together and named it Harmony and Discordance. Yireh’s art work is all about peace and nature and that is the reason why her art work is called harmony. (In the other hand, Maryanns work is based on the cities, freeways pollution etc., therefore her art is all about discordance. What inspires Yireh’s work is her home place because she lives in a hill with plenty of trees and a golf course, so she has the advantage to just look out her window and begin painting.


Week 3-Classmate-interview-Ben Lee.


This is Ben Lee, I met him last Thursday inside the gatov-east while we were looking around and deciding on what artist to interview. To start off, Ben was born in Arcadia California and he has two siblings. Ben is the first generation to attend college from his family just like me. He is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. He is currently majoring in Computer Engineer, he elaborated on how he finds that major a bit difficult but he loves the hard work and he enjoys programming. Ben is not sure what he wants to do with Computer Engineering but he sure knows he chose the correct major because he is enjoying it.

Ben is an animal lover just like me! Although he does not have any pets he really wishes he was able to own animals, but since he currently lives in an apartment it is very difficult to do so. Ben also enjoys reading novels, his favorite novel so far is “The Rising of the Shield Hero/Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.” Aside from reading novels he also loved playing video games, computer games on his spare time. Although Ben does not have much spare time, when he does he takes advantage and does what he loves.

Bens favorite sport to play and watch is basketball! I also love watching basketball, although i do not like playing it i respect those who play. Overall, meeting Ben Lee was a great experience, he is very friends and funny! I though it was cool how we have some things in common including the taste of artists. We both ended up admiring Yireh Elaine Quaks work of art because it was just truly amazing!


 Week 3-Instagram Project.


IMG_5692 IMG_5721IMG_5723 FullSizeRender(3)

Week 3’s project was to upload a minimum of four pictures on our Instagram. We had a certain amount of time to upload the pictures. We were able to upload pictures based on just about anything, but we had to tag #art110s15. When we would tag art110s15 we are all able to see every picture that our classmates would upload so that was exciting! I uploaded four pictures, (the four pictures on the bottom) the first picture I took was inside the library in the 5th floor. I was in my one hour gap, doing my homework, hanging out with my friend and eating Wheat thins before class. I then uploaded a picture of the pyramid when I was leaving campus. I personally think it is pretty awesome how CSULB has a pyramid. 🙂 My third picture was of a big juicy hamburger in Bob’s Big Boys! It was my first time trying that restaurant and it was not a disappointment! 🙂 My fourth and final picture was around 10:30 p.m. I took a picture of my study guide since I was studying for my exam the following day.

When time had ran at 12:00am Friday, we stopped uploading pictures and I took a look on how our social project looked like. By the looks of it, our days have much in common. I seen a lot of hanging out with friends, commuting life, images of the art galleries, and of course studying! I thought it was interesting how I uploaded a picture of the libarry and their would be other classmates in the library as well. Or when I post a picture of food their would be others posting pictures of food at the same time. Even though I rarely post pictures on my Instagram especillay not many in one day, this project was fun and unique. I have never really done a project that had to be done with a social media, so that was a fun experience!


Week 2-Artist Interview -Maccabee Shelley.

IMG_5556 IMG_5562

I decided to do my blog on the talented artist Maccabee Shelley because his work of art really caught my attention. His art is very different because his works is done with unrecy glass and bottles. I love how in most of his art pieces, he forms his work in a way that people could really see the inside of it and not just the outside.  Maccabee explained how his work is ceramic, he uses thousands of pounds of material and uses fire to melt so he can mix different materials. It takes him about one hundred hours to complete his work depending on the size of his art work! He elaborated on how firing his work takes many days, and he sees that different materials melt at different times making it flow into itself. However when he fires his work he experienced that it takes a while for the material to stop moving because of the heat. Therefore he does not sale his work until he has given the art piece some time to completely stop moving. Maccabee creates a variety of pieces at ones and in some cases he ends up attaching them together. For example, the left picture has a variety of pieces that he put together making it look amazing!! The way Maccabee was explaining his art really let me admire his work 10x more! Simply just by looking at Maccabee’s work, it shows that he took his art as far as he can take it!


This image above is one of his earliest pieces that he has made. For this peace he wanted different colors, so he combined different colored bottles such as the coca cola bottles so that he can melt and begin working on. By Maccabee creating this peace, it showed him that it is safe to combine bottle glass with colored glass. He also explained that the thin glass is fragile, however the thick glass is ridiculously strong. This actual piece was one of the smallest piece that I seen in the Gatov Gallert East, but it was also one of my favorite. It was one of my favorite piece because even though it is small sized, he put many detail into it and it is very colorful! Overall, Maccabee’s work is amazing, it caught my attention how he uses more than one color for all his work, meaning one peace of his art has a bit of shininess and also has a mixture of a variety of different colors.

Here is Maccabee Shelley’s website:



Week 2- Classmate Interview (Cristian Rodriguez) 


(I took this picture on the day of our spray painting activity 🙂 )

On Thursday I was able to interview a great student named Cristian Rodriguez (Cris). As  he was telling me about himself, I realized that we have many things in common and so we automatically clicked!  While we were socializing and getting to know each others background, we found out that we attended the same middle school and little did we know! Even though Cris and I only communicated for a few minutes, he seems like a very energetic person with a nice personality. Cristian is eighteen years old and his birthday is on August 29th.  He has three siblings, an older brother and two younger brothers. He is currently a Freshman at CSULB and commutes from Los Angeles just like me. Cris is giving it his all because he is looking forward to creating his own personal business in the future. Although he is still not sure what kind of business he wants to open, he hopes for it to turn out great!  Cristian loves the city but he cannot wait to live outside the city in the future.

Cristian loves going to the gym everyday, he has been going to the gym for more than 2 years! He says that in the gym he releases his stress. I can relate to Cristians comment because I myself enjoy the gym since it helps me clear my mind for a bit. He also played water-polo for three years, and he wishes to play in the future again. I found that pretty amazing because i don’t really know many people who have played water-polo. I feel like this sport can be very intense and difficult at the same time especially because it is a sport that is played in water and because  it is a combination of soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and rugby! I never seen a live game, but I would love to attend one!

Cristian was also in track with his older brother for one year. He showed me a picture of how he looked before, and I have to say it is a big change! Cris said that track and the gym helped him loose over 30 pounds! That is amazing and I admire him for that, and he also explained to me that anything is possible that it might just take time and patience. Overall, Cristian seems like a great person that is full of life, and I am glad I was able to meet him. 🙂


Week 2 – Activity- Spray Painting.



Spray painting my name in a form of bubbles took time but it was a fun experience! I was able to meet up with my new friend Cristian ( The student I interviewed on Thursday 🙂 ). I bought a can of spray paint and Cris bought another two cans, so that really helped us save money. 🙂 This was my first time ever spray painting and I was struggling in the beginning, but good thing I bought two card boards! On the first try, I thought my painting was to sloppy and I could not even read my name, so i decided to try again with my second card board. On the second try, I actually used a marker first and then I spray painted it, and it was much easier! The picture above was my second try, and on my second try I was starting to get the hang of it. I give all my respect to those artists who do a lot of spray painting and make it look so easy!










This activity took more than an hour but it was definitely worth it! I had fun and my spray painting skills  slightly improved and I am satisfied with the results. The picture above is what my art ending looking like. I wish I had a bigger sized card board so I can add more into it, but I am proud of my work. It was not as easy as I imagined but I ended up enjoying this activity.

Week 1-Web Design

During our first week, we discussed the meaning of Art, Technology, and culture.

Art- In my opinion Art is a way that an individual is able to express just about anything. For example, one can express an emotion or behavior through a peace of art instead of verbally expressing something.

Technology- Technology has positively changes the way our lives work and it is becoming more advanced as the years go by.

Culture- Simple characteristics about an individual such as, ones language, religion, and overall the skill.




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